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Spring Break

Well, the life of a teacher is looking forward to school starting, looking forward to Christmas Break to breathe, looking forward to Spring Break to prepare for the last stretch to maintain sanity, and looking forward to Summer to do it all again next year. This Spring Break though I am talking with a publisher about getting the books more coverage. The lady asked me what kind of writer am I. I said, "I'm no Ward or no Hamilton, but I'm better than some of them I read." I have faith that all the people that have read them aren't just lying. I go back and reread them after being away from the world of St. Genevieve, and I enjoy them. I want to introduce people to my mind and the world that is no longer solely mine, but mostly mine. Too many people have a hand in the creation and editing of these things to be, MINE. Don't worry, those that have been around from the beginning get first shot at the read and an open ear.

Keep me in your thoughts all that everything goes well. I will let you know......when I know more.

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