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JoHanna Moody

There are a few things in life I am passionate about: family, my job, and my writing. At 49 years old I'm learning that life is truly what we make it. A mother, a grandmother, a teacher, and a wife makes life full and happy. However, the books are a world of my own making completely. I fall in love with each of my Night Breed males. They each meet a desire, and I enjoy sharing my world with others. 

I send you an invitation to join me along this journey. Two books are available for purchase at this time, but there are 5 more written and ready to take the next steps. Please, if you choose to read, remember to prepare yourself for a nice evening snuggled up with the book. It is important to prepare yourself for the fictional lover that waits within its pages. I hope you fall in love with each Night Breed Male you meet.

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