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Parents and Daughters

Relationships come in all different shapes and sizes. One of the most special is a parent and their daughter, sons are a different animal all together. Daughters touch the heart of their parents and make them feel extra protective; they are their girl. In our family, she was always Babygirl. She was a daddy's girl growing up, and now she's grown into a woman.

Each milestone effects our families. A wedding brings the family together to celebrate new connections and a new family member. Celebrations sometimes are times that get us through those rough spots. Family is crazy messed up thing, but honestly there is no other love like it. Celebrate each chance you get with your family and remember today may help you through tomorrow. The birth of child, them finding the person that is the rest of their lives, and then day you welcome their children into the world. Family is my reason for living. Being there and helping love and support each step of the way.

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