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Kneeling for the Night Breed

We live in a world that says that kneeling is wrong or,worse, dirty. I hope once you have read some of the books, you'll see that it doesn't have to be that way. As in all things, if it is forced, it is wrong. Father NIght requires that the Night Breed follow and allow for free will, all have the right to choose. My heroines are mostly women of the modern world and struggle with the act of kneeling because of the views of this modern world. However, once they are committed, understand, and, most importantly, trust their mate they kneel because they choose to offer that act of submission out of loyalty not requirement and love not fear. There are some traditions in the world of St. Genevieve, and it's Night Breed, that have changed with the times, but the submission of the female to her male, at least in the bedroom, is not one of them. The women learn that submission is a gift and a true expression of their trust in their mate. They do it to make the men happy, and they have faith that their mate will see it as an expression of free will not an expression of ownership.

The pix is a sticker on etsy. I spent quite some time trying to find a pix that would fit the topic and was tasteful. I saw this and loved it, so I wanted to share it with you.

May Father Night help to safely guide you on the nightly journey of self discovery.

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