The 8th House : House Locklair 

Tymitrius and Anise Locklair

Tymitrius Locklair is born Tymitrius Martone. He changes his name when he finds that he and Anise are  outlaws. Tymitrius is loyal and the most important thing in the world is his mate Anise. He is a man of huge stature and even greater heart.


Anise is the daughter of a peasant family. Their family have been donors for the Night Breed making her love forbidden. They grew up as childhood friends, and her looking up at the Martone castle, dreaming of Lord Tymitrius.


Their love is epic even in the world of the Night Breed. They chose each other becoming outlaws and facing annihilation for what his family saw as a betrayal. Their love only grew and over time they were able to create the 8th House and seat on the Night Breed Council.