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 The 8th House : House Locklair 

Tymitrius and Anise Locklair

Tymitrius Locklair is born Tymitrius Martone. He changes his name when he finds that he and Anise are  outlaws. Tymitrius is loyal and the most important thing in the world is his mate Anise. He is a man of huge stature and even greater heart.


Anise is the daughter of a peasant family. Their family have been donors for the Night Breed making her love forbidden. They grew up as childhood friends, and her looking up at the Martone castle, dreaming of Lord Tymitrius.


Their love is epic even in the world of the Night Breed. They chose each other becoming outlaws and facing annihilation for what his family saw as a betrayal. Their love only grew and over time they were able to create the 8th House and seat on the Night Breed Council.  

Athen and Moiré Locklair

Athen is the older of the two Locklair sons. He has a strong sadistic side, and prefers the concept of slavery over submission. Athen is not compromising and flexible with his women. In fact, he's not even compromising with his family. He is arrogant and very sure with little doubt in his self. Athen is everything a bad boy should be: strong, handsome, alluring, and demanding, He captures using manipulation and his powers of persuasion.

Moiré is Athen's mate. Raven haired beauty that is a masochist to his sadist. She enjoys the games that Athen plays, and finds joy in his world. For Quinlan, she is the one that got away, but he no longer pines. Moiré can be easily described as "sex on a stick." Her magic revolves around sex, her power enhances sex, and sex is a humming aura around her.

Quinlan and Katya Lockwood (Locklair)

Quinlan Lockwood changed his last name from Locklair to distance himself from his family, specifically his brother. He is more like his father. Huge heart, huge stature, and a huge belief in fair play. Quinlan wants his woman to love him for who he is, not what he can do. He want to protect and love, and Quinlan wants to share his life.

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