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Come see if you are interested in my world. The book tabs will have a three chapter sample of the book and where you can find them. Dare to open your mind to the world of the Night Breed.

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The Coupling Book


An unsuspecting librarian finds out that sometimes books can be dangerous. Good and evil lurks in the depths of the night, with the charmed book calling them to it. Ancient ways come into conflict with modern ideals. A life changing choice will be made, as this dark sensual world unfolds on the pages of The Coupling Book. Legend, myth, a new reality is presented to Katya as she reads her way through the rules of this ancient culture. Two brothers representing the best of both sides of the same coin will compete to make her his. One offers her a life closer to the mortal world; the other one drags her into a dark sexual place. Is there truly good and evil, or is her point of view seeing a lot of gray? What is the definition of love? In the end, Katya will have to choose.

The Blood Chalice


An ancient artifact is uncovered on an archaeological dig. The Blood Chalice falls into the hands of the brash, smart-mouthed, strong-willed woman, Bridget O'Dell. The Night Breed must protect the chalice at all costs from the hunters. Can the refined Night Breed not only protect the chalice and the woman but also win her heart?

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