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Virtual World=Real Crazy

The new Normal, at least for a while is this world of Virtual contact only. For this format, it is ideal, but in life not being out and about people is hard. The simple act of shopping is now a nightmare between the rules and the empty shelves it hard. My best friend's favorite saying is "This too shall pass." Remember, this is a drop in the bucket of time. For most of us, a few weeks even a few months is irritating, but in the end, it'll all end up good. For those that it is more serious, I send positive thoughts your way. Remember to make phone calls. Virtual call so you can keep in touch. DON'T hole up in your house and be lonely, and don't let anyone else. Reach out and keep community with your friends and family!! Don't let the Crazy of today ruin your plans for tomorrow. Tomorrow will come, and the NEW NORMAL will change again.

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