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Is a Lifetime Long Enough

April 9th 1994 my life was forever altered by two little words, "I do." My question is, is a lifetime enough? A wonderful Husband, three children, several kids we've supported and helped along the way, 7 grandkids now and a friend that I love as the other half of me. I love completely without reserve. I know I am loved by all the people in my life. I have learned that there is always room for more. In the last few years, I have added another person into my inner circle. I know there is a chance that I could get hurt. I know there is a chance those I love will leave. A lifetime with those God has given me has to be enough. What happens next, can be debated, but in the long run it's what you believe. A lifetime is what we are promised. We can spend it loving, laughing, and crying with those important to us, or we can live alone and never get hurt by taking the chance on those around us. I love my people. I choose to live this lifetime not alone for as long as we have together.

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