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Artifacts :

Rated: MA

Welcome to the World of the Night Breed. Life in St. Genevieve is just a roller coaster. The Night Breed is a hidden, ancient society that survives parallel to our world. They are protectors of the human race from the darker things that hunt the night. They are society built on archaic views that are slowly starting to change. 


Come join me in this world and fall in love in a new and different way.  Rose says it best: 

Rose touched the silver etching, “You will long to have your face touching him, to be kneeling at his feet, to have him own you and love you more deeply than any lover is able.  Love is said to be eternal, but the love in this book gives a new meaning to those words. To love completely, to trust without reservation, to find yourself in an unbreakable commitment, can be overwhelming." 

Vampyre Artifacts is a series of Paranormal Romances books. Each book revolves around a different legendary Artifact.  The first book is The Coupling Book and the second is The Blood Chalice. I have 5 more completed, and I would like a chance to introduce you the world of the Night Breed and their ancient customs.

Enter all of Night's children are welcome!

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